U-Boat Italo Fontana Rose Gold Case with White Dial in Simple Design

How do you feel about such a watch at your first glance? You may come up with “simple, yet elegant” to describe such a watch, and actually this is it! The while dial gives out a sense of simplicity and generosity, while numerals can be easily recognized at your first glance. Besides, the seconds hand and hours hand look rather obvious to catch your eyes.

u-boat replica watches, replica watches

u-boat replica watches, replica watches

Needless to say, you can clearly tell that this is a U-boat Italo Fontana watch. Actually, this self-winding stylish watch features a serviced Asia automatic movement with 21 jewels while the case designed for this watch is solid 316 stainless steel with high quality plated rose gold. Besides, for better convenience and service, the dial is covered by a scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass and that water-resistant function can guarantees this watch against outer damage.

To tell you the truth, that easily recognized seconds hand sweeps smoothly and the case material is also made up of stainless steel / white gold and that black PVD makes it possible for you to get a better enjoyment. In a whole, this is definitely a high quality u-boat watch deserving your visit.   However, the only pity for this watch is its price, which keeps many of you far away from it, and stemming from such a premise, tremendous manufactures start their search for replicas. Frankly, high grade u-boat replica watches can also bring you the same sense you may enjoy from genuine ones. Crafted with the same appearance and details, u-boat replica watches are also capable of endowing you with a luxury look and glamorous addition!   Hence, assuming that you are still in the everlasting pursuit of an ideal piece of watch with elegant look and top quality materials, u-boat replica watch can definitely be the perfect addition to fulfill your dream!

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