Panerai brings to you a distinct Italian flavor

The Panerai is a watch brand which was originated in the nineteenth century. Back in 1860 it was founded by Giovanni Panerai in the city of Florence. The original boutique of the watch brand which was erected in Florence in 1900 still stands today, a tribute to a watch brand that has seen two centuries now. It is no wonder then that Panerai has a vintage value which refuses to go out of style or existence. The Radiomir and the Luminor collections are the major lines of the watch brand which are world famous. The infamous, large case designs of the watches were originally what was sanctioned by the Italian navy. Today, that is one of the most characteristic features of the watches of this brand.

The watches of Panerai are known to be simple which is the essence of the watch designs. The models can vary from 40 mm to 44 mm in their case dimensions, the hour markers are in extra large numerals and the chronographs and movements of most Panerai watches are unique. The Panerai Luminor Marina mechanical watch is a treat and a must have for all watch collectors. This watch has a stainless steel case and a black dial. The watch is fitted with a calf skin band which is in red. The watch features a mechanical movement which is a treat to witness. The other features include a sapphire and scratch resistant crystal and a large case cover and dial which are distinct properties of the Panerai watches.

There are others amongst the Luminor watch collection, each model a variant of the above mentioned model. One can even choose Panerai watches amongst replica stories. The high end Swiss replicas will provide the same movement replicated to the finest details as well as design details and at prices that one can easily afford.

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