Bulova Accutron Spaceview 214 Watch (318 words)

Bulova is a brand owned by famous Japanese watch group- Citizen. And Accutron is a sub brand of Bulova. The name ¡°Accutron¡± pays tribute to a classic watch of Bulova. You may not believe that the Spaceview watch collection of Accutron is now 50 years old. In the past half century, Accutron made a great number of Spaceview watches that applied the same movement technology and had skeletonized dial design.

Previous Spaceview watches were powered by “tuning fork” movements-a kind of electronic movement Though being regarded as the precursor of modern quartz movements, these movement shared a feature with mechanical movements-it had a sweeping seconds hand rather than a ticking hand like quartz movements. The “tuning fork” movements were powered by battery. In the whole 1960s, Spaceview watches were highly sought after by customers who were amazed by the cool characters brought by the legendary movements.

On nowadays¡¯s collecting market, you can find not a few early-generation Spaceview watches that feature exposed green movement parts on their skeletonized dial. Some components of the movements are made of copper. In the era when they were produced, these timepieces looked quite modern with circuit board style dial. But now, they look as retro as a transistor radio that accompanied our childhood.

It is reported that Accutron is plan to release a new Spaceview watch to celebrate the collection¡¯s 50th anniversary. Named Spaceview 214, the watch will be made in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. While having the same proportions and style of the original, the watch will be equipped with a hand made movement. Other features including a high-standard case, a high quality alligator band and a domed sapphire crystal. The watch is expected to hit the market in Fall 2010. This price is aboud $4,000 a piece-not a high price tag. But due to its high collecting value, it will be very hard to get one by then.

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