A small wallet contains a big world

How much do you know about wallets?

In ancient times, our ancestor didn¡¯t use wallets, they took out money from their long sleeves when doing business deals. In our modern life, wallets stand for our status in the society. But, do you know that there is a big world in such a wallet in small size. I¡¯d love to tell you something about wallets, and they may help you to choose and maintain your beloved wallet.

In the market, you can find many different wallets. And these wallets may be made by different material, including paper, leather, fabric and so on. Now I want to introduce some wallets made by leather to you.

Wallets are made by different material

Leather wallets include genuine leather wallets and pu leather wallets. The original skin from animals such as pigs, ox, sheep and so on, can become genuine leather after certain process from tanneries. And they¡¯re the necessary material for leather products nowadays. Most people love genuine leather wallets because they are durable and never be out of date. However, pu leather are not made by animals¡¯ skin, so it has a lower price compared with genuine leather. And the special thing of pu leather is it has waterproof ability and higher utilization.

In 2010, many popular wallets appear in the market. I would show you some new wallets with special design and style.

The popular style begins from colors in 2010. Ferragamo, this kind of wallet looks luxurious and noble. That its black and red mixed together especially popular.

Gucci, a wallet with silver shiny cover, cannot hide its classic style. Though this kind of wallet may cost you a higher price, it worths.

There are still many popular wallets which I haven¡¯t showed to you, and you can find the wallet which you like and is not expensive if you¡¯re careful and smart.

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