A Brief History of Oris Watches

Oris watches are greatly sought after in the realm of luxury watches. The history of Oris watches can be dated back to more than a century ago when two young gentlemen cooperated to open a factory in Holstein and Switzerland. The proud and enriching history of Oris is carried afar to the twenty-first century when Oris watches are deeply adore by numerous celebrities and some big shots in the corporate world.

Born in Le Locle, Switzerland, a front base of the Swiss watchmaking, the founder of Oris Georges Christian had been exposed to the exceptional technique of watchmaking at early age. As an adult, he worked hand in hand with his partner Paul Cattin to create their own business. In 1904, the company was officially established with the name Oris, which is named after the Oris brook and valley in the neighborhood. Then the company was engaged in manufacturing simple, the finest quality yet affordable timepieces for the mass.

The company developed at a never before pace, becoming one of the biggest employer in the neighborhood around Holstein by 1911.

In 1917, Christian became the exclusive owner of the company that with a factory in Holstein and four other sites around Switzerland after Paul Cattin’s resignation.

In 1925, the company located its own electroplating factory, sparing no effort in manufacturing wristwatches following its existing lines of pocket watches.

In 1928, Christian passed away, and his brother-in-law took control of the company, operating it smoothly with continued growth for more than forty years.

With time passing by, Oris watches have witnessed some hard times as economies superbust and management of the underlying. However, with the opening up of Japan market, the company managed to reversed the trend. With more and more high quality gold plating, water resistant, faithful and durable watches debuting in the market, the company has maintained its tradition of excellence in watchmaking.

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