Why People Love Fountain Pen Collecting

Just like collecting many other artistic works, the fountain pen collecting is also an interest kept by many people all over the world. Such a hobby was enjoyed by people almost since the pen was first invented, the time when people found its charm and a desire for collecting it rose at once.


Why so many people begin to love this collecting job? First, with the rapid development of science and technology, more and more people are accustomed to type writing so that our capability of handwriting seems to be degenerating day by day. In this case, people who want to make some changes choose to write with fountain pens, just like an artist.


I’m a great pen fan but not a pen collector. There was a time when I had been so fond of pens that I just used them all the time and was unwilling to drop them off. I thought there was no any other writing instrument that could give me such a cosy writing experience. Thus, I think it is pens’ unique comfort that makes it fascinated by so many collectors who try to search for the most comfortable pens in the world.


The second reason, from my point of view, that promotes the fountain pen collection may be the aesthetic value a pen possesses. As the saying goes, scarcity makes value. There is no denying that some fountain pens are truly special or unique because of their exquisite design and complicated craftsmanship. In this respect, a pen, just like a painting or a vast, is also a piece of artwork.


In addition to its aesthetic value, a pen is different from other artworks by right of its utility. A really good fountain pen can withstand a very long-term writing experience, during which time the owner can regards it as his best friend and then treasure it much more.


On account of these compelling reasons, more and more people love pens and love pen collecting as well.

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