Visual Feast of Nikki Giling’s Fabulous Hats


Nikki Giling is a famous Dutch hats designer. His new design of hats brings us a visual feast. He combines the fashion with various elements to create her astonishing hats; following collections with their unusual details make Nikki Giling a unique designer. She thinks that the shape and details of hats are much more important than the logos of the hats. Some shapes of them are the ordinary caps we can see in the street. But after her Fantastic creation, they become the ones you may not to wear, even though you deeply fond of them.



How a man would looks like when he wears a beautiful pleated cap? This is the example of a hat which gives out a sexy look on man. Neat pleated sheet are the major feature.



The braid-like hat visor would seem complicated, yet it is the very essence of this hat. The crossed blue and green bands deliver fresh feelings to every viewer. Smooth hat belt and elastic band masterly united.



This is a red remarkable one. Two parted hat felt provide enough space to show your beauteous forehead. Elastic band ensures fun and safety. You need not worry about its falling.



What a colorful one! Is it? Just like a rainbow cover over the head and when you bring the rainbow walk in the street, certainly your mood is uplifted by it. So, how can you resist your love for it? Each sheet neatly combined to form a new model of hat.


After appreciating these marvelous hats, I am eagerly to see her upcoming works. I think that you hold the same feeling with me.

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