The Sunglasses Fashion Trend of 2011

Most of the fashionable girls have plenty of accessories, and usually have trouble of choosing the best matching accessories. Now girls have to learn that sometimes a pair of sunglasses can be the best and most useful accessory. With the fashionable design and various types, a right pair of sunglasses can show your characteristics and make you shine as a super star.

Choosing the right sunglasses can be the key point. This year the sunglasses have many trends, and basically there are three types, including the over-sized type, cat’s eye type, and traditional type. The right type sunglasses can beautify the face and skin color, and show the understanding of fashion.

The over-sized sunglasses can be the most attractive one among the various types. This type usually expresses two styles. The white square frame one gives us a feeling of grace, while the black frame is much cooler and mysterious. Many girls will be crazy about the over-sized sunglasses because this type can make the face look smaller. The over-sized sunglasses and a small face will be a perfect match.

Cat’s eye style was very popular in the 50s and now the trend comes back. The exaggerated and tridimensional design will catch people’s eyes at the first sight. Colorful frames and broad temple bar make the cat’s eye sunglasses in fashion. Wearing this type weasel-faced girl can make the face look plump and lively. Shopping at the hall and tasting the delicious sushi nearby the street, young girls wearing this type of sunglasses will fully enjoy the summer.

Without many decorations, the sunglass comes back to the traditional type. Middle-sized and dark color glasses, black frames, and a sign of the brand on one side of the temple bar come to your eyes at the first sight. The whole feeling is classic and simple, just like that kind of girls, they love nothing but classic.

Sunglasses fashion trend is multiple, and girls can choose the sunglasses match them best. Only tracing behind the trend will not make one attractive. Pick up the most fitted one, a girl can lead the fashion.

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