State-of-the-Art iTouch, Fondling I Touch

The new release of Ipod Touch 4 recently has sparked off another hot discussion of the Apple products. Meanwhile, as Christmas is coming soon, Ipod Touch 4 would undoubtedly be the most popular present of all.
The new Ipod Touch is so different from the former ones by all aspects. It has two cameras on both sides to provide two views and had introduced a video-recording and the new FaceTime function allowing iTouch users to chat face-to-face anytime whenever internet is available. This is especially adorable for people always moving from place to place to record their movable moments and share it fresh.


In addition, its retina display, A4 chip and multi-touch technology allows higher satisfaction in playing games. “It is like driving a real car!”, A new user said. It is more sensitive to our hand movements and more colorful with nothing beyond compared. Adolescents and adults would be very enjoying the relaxation brought by Ipod Touch 4. It could, still, play music, podcasts, and movies as well as install Apps like Google Maps, Gmail.
It is in hot discussion comparing with iPhone 4, too. According experiments conducted mainly in the U.S. and circulated throughout the internet, the internet speed of Ipod Touch 4 is slightly faster than that of an iPhone. Nevertheless, the price of an Ipod Touch 4 is just less than half of an iPhone. As it is a piece of cake to get access to the internet in most cities in this new era, people seldom rely on phone-calling and show a high dependence on text-messaging. Showing more advantages such as being lighter and thinner, there is no exaggeration to say that Ipod Touch 4 will beat iPhone to be the hottest Christmas gift.
Lastly, its fantastic refinement and superior to iPhone would absolutely be the couple of factors for its prevailing in the holy festival.

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