Specific Introduction of iOS 4.3 Firmware

On 12th Jan, Apple gave iOS 4.3 to his developers to test, and after the end of this test, the details of this new system will be clear to all iPhone users. Now is the specific introduction to you all!

iOS 4.3 Supports WiFi:

When the time the releasing of Verizon iPhone 4, the official spokesman from Apple said the new GSM iPhone will definitely supports the latest WiFi function, and it is proved on 12th, the beat edition of iOS 4.3. In the process of updating of the iOS 4.3 firmware, the new added WiFi 3G Personal Hotspo function supports more than 5 equipments’ connecting, which is so much alike Pocket Wi-Fi, but not USB or Bluetooth any more.

New Find My Friends Function:

In this iOS 4.3 firmware, there is a new function named Find My Friends, which has the same function like MobileMe.

Supports Facetime:

In this test iOS 4.3, the latest Facetime function appears. It can be easily seen in the iOS 4.3 Beta1 edition that iPod Touch has this FT interface as well as supports iAd.

New Camera Effects:

In the iOS 4.3 Beta1 edition, there are many developers noticed there are many camera functions added here. The camera effect is so much like iChat, which can be used directly in iPhone video. The following camera effect analyzed by code includes Thermal Camera, X-ray, Kaleidoscope, Normal, Tunnel of Light, Collapse, Turbine and Enlarge.

Custom iPad Figure Induction:

In this new iOS 4.3, users can use fourth or fifth figure induction control their iPhone, you can slide any taskbar as you like by your figure touching, easier and more convenient than before. What’s more, this new firmware also supports transfer and play video via AirPlay.

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