New Style of 2011′s Burberry Wallets on Sale

Burberry is the most symbolic brand for the United Kingdom, founded in 1856, viewed as the British royal products. Four years later, Burberry developed a new waterproof and breathable material which was known as gabardine. Such material and lattice covered with are the basic elements of Burberry’s products. The reason why Burberry uses lattice printing is that lattice is viewed as the symbol of British royal family. The lattice printing is the symbol of Burberry’s identity and status.

1. Burberry light coffee color rhombic lattice long wallet, this wallet is the most classic style of Burberry’s collections. The delicate workmanship and the durable leather material make this wallet very practical as well as luxurious. Using the patent leather to seal the edge is to protect the wallet from wear and tear. Also the gold sign of Burberry is inlaid right in the middle of the wallet. The combination of the light coffee color and the delicate gold symbol makes this wallet look elegant.

2. Burberry red canvas star lattice long wallet, unlike the wallet above, this one presents more young elements. Not only the star but also the irregular lattice printings, show the personality of youth. Moreover the red patent leather provides protection and at the same time shows some kind of luxury. The most attractive element is the splicing design, thus redifines the British style which Burberry is special for.

3. Burberry classic lattice long zipper wallet, the warm red color heavily renders the lattice and makes the whole wallet full of enthusiasm. The texture is the classic lattice PVC with leather covering the side. Inside of it is red leather lining and twelve hustles. The special design lies in the zipper. The light gold metal zipper goes from the right to the left side. The whole design can easily remind people of casual and relaxed feelings.

4. Burberry folded classic lattice wallet, this wallet mainly covers with lattice canvas. The surface obtains water-proof treatment and can easily folded in half. It also has the brown leather covering side. The lining is entire black leather and has four hustles. While the main printing is mostly the same as the third one, the whole conception is quite different. This one gives people sedated and official feelings.


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