New High-heel Shoes in This Season—-Unique Life of Your Own

The summer season is coming near and we notice that there are a bunch of new high-heel shoes which have been launched into the market recently. They are of brand-new styles and all illustrate the idea of being young and dynamic.

Have a look at this sliding board high-heel shoe.

This shoe attracted my attention first time I saw it. It has a quite unique appearance of designed to be a slicing board, which fully combines the height of the shoe and the heel. The vamp is red and is made of authentic fur which gives you a comfortable feeling. You may think it is too simple but remember, simple can stand for elegance at a time. The sole is bright yellow and smooth. Well, the most impressive part is the heel which is made as a blue ladder. The entire design highlights this high-heel shoe. It reminds me of my childhood and the happiest part in my life. Wearing this kind of shoes, you must be the most unique scenery in the street. You can also fully use your vivacious age and be a pretty young girl.

If you think that one is too unique, then take a glimpse of this one.

Simple but shiny, the designers target much on the heel of the shoe. They apply the physic principle to shoes and change the stick-like heel into a circle. In this way, you may spread your strength into many angles so that reduce the hurt in your ankle. The upper surface consists of three silver straps and a crossed long strap around your ankle. This shoe will make you eye-catching and decent.

There is another special style.

Constituted by red high heel and black smooth vamp, the shoes have a sport element, for they include the shoelaces on the front side. What else can I say? Words fail me when I try to express my utterly surprise when I find these extraordinary shoes. Girls are in their energetic ages so they deserve no-common styles. You can attract others simply by the style. Why still wait? Come on and try something new!

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