Louis Vuitton Turns Your Key-Ring Into An Ostentatious Charm!

That’s true, Louis Vuitton is taking the average looking key-ring and turning it to an exquisite charm you can carry with your bag or let it hang from your Louis handbag. The Louis Vuitton key-ring is found in many shapes, exquisite designs and quality material to make them. Let’s showcase some of the Louis key-holders that have that celebrity demeanor.

The Astropill Damier Ebéne
One look and you fall in love with this Louis Vuitton key-holder. It is battery operated and has a simple yet timeless design to it. The key-holder lights up in the dark when you press the trademark Louis logo on the Key-ring’s center. This makes it easy for the owner to locate a keyhole in the dark and also find the right key to open. The canvas touch on this Louis Vuitton key-ring is a mark in design and the additional metal gold ring where you put the keys.

Damier Plaque Louis Vuitton Key-ring
This is for the Louis Vuitton gentleman for its masculine appearance from a glance. The palladium-finish metal has this luster that don’t fade that easy plus a snap hook where Louis Vuitton has it signature name. Damier Plaque is an addition from the Louis Vuitton key-holder which can be carried by hand or let to hang on the side of your bag and look sporty.

Delice Louis Vuitton Key-ring
Delice best describes the modern day lady who likes a designer name in everything including the key-holder. The unique quality of this Louis Vuitton key-ring is its hidden quality; spotted from a far it would pass for any ordinary key-ring with some girly decorations on it. But this is not the case; Delice is feminine and luxurious at the same time. It has a touch of gold on the metal brass, lacquer as well as the resin. Besides the hidden LV logo the key-holder spots lovely looking candy-shapes any lady can have fun with.

Damier, Delice and Astropill are three lovely charms that would transform your key-holder. As you go designer on your shoes clothes and even watch, maybe you can tease a little with a designer Louis Vuitton Key-ring to complete celebrity look. The Louis Vuitton Key-holder offer you a chance to shine with handbag or let your keys look loved and appreciated as they hang from a designer Key-holder. This is one of Louis’ accessories you don’t want to pass on.

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