Look! Louis Vuitton Does Shoes, Too!

Louis Vuitton is probably the most known name when it comes to handbags. Their high quality leather handbags are incredibly popular and incredibly beautiful. But Louis Vuitton is more than just a handbag company. Louis Vuitton also sells many shoes that will drive the ladies crazy. Ladies, let’s do some shopping and see what Louis Vuitton has to offer us…

1.    Corfu Sandal in Nubuck Buffalo Leather
Buffalo? Really? Buffalo is something I had never heard of as a product for leather. That was new to me, so I had to check it out. What I found was a stunning pair of shoes that I instantly wanted. These shoes are incredibly sexy ankle strap heels that come in two colors, taupe and moka. They have laces up the front, which are tipped in gold. These lovely shoes sit atop a 4 inch heel. Not too high, but just sexy enough. If you are looking for super sexy, Louis Vuitton sells a higher, boot version of these sandals that is even hotter.

2.    Palm Beach Open Toe Pump in Damier Canvas
The checkered brown canvas of Louis Vuitton is a popular sophisticated look, so why not put it on a sophisticated shoe? The classic open toed pump heel is a perfect choice. These gorgeous stilettos have a lace at the toe, again with a gold tip. This is the perfect blend of chic and sexy. These come in the traditional brown and a super fun, super feminine white. Louis Vuitton also carries a monogram canvas version of this same shoe.

3.    Cyprus Low Boot in Ostrich Leather
Luxury leather is what Louis Vuitton does. First buffalo, and now ostrich. These adorable open toe booties are a nice dark brown with a stiletto that continues all the way up the back of the shoe.

4.    Positano Low Boot in Monogram Embroidered Fabric
Stiletto booties make any woman drool. And if the last pair was irresistible, you’ll melt at these. These are a satin bootie under a black monogram fabric. They are super dressy, atop a 3.8 inch heel. These booties are just classy from tip to tip.

5.    Blue Oasis Mule in Monogram Denim
Surely you are already shopping, but in case you are still reading, and need something a little fun for you shoe, collection, here is the perfect summer heel. These are light, cork heels with monogram denim and a gold-tipped lace. The heel is 3 inches. These are just too cute.

Louis Vuitton obviously sells all different kinds of shoes for all different kinds of women, just like their handbags. They have chic and sophisticated, super-sexy, and even a light, cute style. So whatever you are looking for, Louis Vuitton will surely have an irresistible shoe for you!

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