How To Clean Glass Lens

If you often wear a pair of glasses, you will notice that your glass lens get dirty easily. So due to this problem you have to clean your glass lens. Now I will introduce some methods for you.
The most traditional way is using water and soap to clean the glass lens. Firstly, wash the glass lens with a soap. Secondly, swill the lather away with clear water, then dry up the glass lens with a piece of glass cloth.Maybe at this time you will say this is not a convenient way. Don’t worry! Next, I will introduce some expedient methods for you.

(Glasses Cloth)

First of all, please look at the pictures below.
(Wet Tissue)(IBM Cleaner)
The pictures above are wet tissue and IBM cleaner. If you take one of them with you, wherever you go, you can clean your glass lens easily. The towelettes provided by EHSY can prevent glass lens from mist and Static Electricity Hazardsl. Towelettes can help to clean your glass lens, at the same time, you can use it to clean binders, computer screen, key board etc. Just as the old saying goes: “kill many birds with one stone”.

The picture on the right side is IBM cleaner. If you have a computer, you may also need it. As a matter of fact, it is mainly for cleaning the computer screen. At this time, you may ask me for the reason. Now I will tell you a small story first.

One day, when I was cleaning my computer screen with the IBM cleaner, an idea came out of my mind. I tentatively spray some IBM cleaner to my glass lens, then dry up the glass lens with a piece of glass cloth. As a result, I found my glass lens became brighter and cleaner. So, I often use IBM cleaner to clean my glass lens. The IBM cleaner without alcohol can help to protect the lens coat. It is cheap and convenient.

So, those above are my methods according to my own experience. Just for your reference !

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