Development History and Characteristics of Versace Bags

For people who always pay attention to fashion trends, Versace is not a strange word. Versace as one of the toppest international fashion brands has been taken as a label of original Italian fashion products, such as fashion clothes, leather products, bags, perfume, and so on. We can say Versace is a fashion kingdom. And today we are going to talk about development and traits of one of its products: Versace bags.
Development histroy
Versace was registered in 1978 in Italy, which has been developing at a fast speed, at the beginning of its establishment, Versace startsed to design and make bags together with its fasion clothes, and won a bg fame in the fashion indusry quickly.

No.1 cool and bright design style
The design style of Versace bags is quite bright, which is a unique artic pioneer with strong aesthetic feeling, stressing happiness and sexuality. And Versace takes luxury of classical noble style, which can make full consideration of touch feeling and proper display model. And bags of Versace is mainly taking lines as a label, which can show curves of women perfectly. Besides, Versace blends European-American leisure style with admiration on high-rank materials, just like other Italian designs, which builds out a kind of all-new grace concept.
No.2 graceful temperament
Versace bags have both classic and popular temperament at same time, which are swimming betwee elegant and vulgar arts. Thus customers of Versace is rangingf from royals to black rocking singers. Versace is good at adopting elegant linings, and the cutting takes somehing from other big brands, which smartly swim among rigid geometrical lines and soft body curves. And as we said above, luxury is the design characteristic of this brand, those gem-like colors, smooth lines, the unique cutting with charming make Versace greatly got among women, since this bag can show their graceful temperament perfectly.

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