Creative and Eco-friendly Hats by Top Designer Elisabeth Koch

Introduction to Elisabeth Koch

Elisabeth Koch was born in Atlanta and she was a Dutch immigrants. Her creative hats design ideas were inspired due to her rich life experiences to many countries. She has been fond of hats when she was a little girl. She graduated from the famous Wombourne School of Millinery in England and owing to her rich knowledge and mentally toughness in hats, she realized her life-long career by establishing Elisabeth Koch Millinery. She designed her first hat in 1988 when she was invited to attend a wedding party. But she didn’t find a satisfying hat, so she decided to make one on her own by simply use of card paper, feather, nail polish, clamp and a stapling machine. All hats designed by her are work of art. And now she settled down in Beijing, China.

Elisabeth Koch’s hats

Elisabeth Koch favorites in design hats originally and freely. As a result of this, her hats will never be similar to other’s and she can add in any images into it, for example: dinosaur, Eiffel Tower, lobster, peacock, Chinese dragon and etc.

Let’s look at her classic hats.

Have you got any inspiration from her hats above? Yes, hats are not only a protection, it is mor of a decoration!

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