Casio Watches – Toughness and Precision

The Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S1400-1AJF watches are certainly one of the most successful and stunning collections among the items introduced by Casio. It is a new part of the elite series, the Oceaus. The elaborate name comes from the ancient Greek God, the Ocean. Apparently the line is the combination of the features between the Wavesceptor and the G-Shock. Also, the two series are extremely brilliant and ingenious. That is to say, every piece features analog dial. Previouly, some models were designed with the combination of digital and analog dial.


The collection has five inner motors which could run independently and separately. All the motors have their own unique functions. For example, the stopwatch is in the charge of one motor, while another one controls the date display and time display. At the same time, like other Casio watches, the series is assembled with powerful tough movement and intriguing functions as well. For instance, the watch can receive signals from accurate atomic timepieces so that it is able to adjust time automatically. In fact, the cutting-edge technology is followed with substantial integrity and toughness, which is a kind of hybrid construction to secure sufficient protection.


The previous shock-resistant system made by Casio probably prevents the damage of the movement by the intensive outside impacts. In order to make sure the safety of movement, precise calculations have been developed to make the conclusion. They are undoubtedly the most important thing for the watches. All the efforts were to include a large gear shaft. In that case, the damage of shaft would be avoided as much as possible. What’s more, designers used metal to position the pin so that it could support the movement. Therefore, the combination of these tough metal components and a light resin is able to be responsible for the toughness of the collection.


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