Breitling Watches: Leadership of Chronographs

Breitling is a trade mark of luxury Swiss watches that produced in Swiss canton Jura. They received this name “Breitling” from the name of company founder Léon Breitling, 1860—1914.

This most famous chronograph producer will celebrate 130 years from foundation in three years. Long history of producing luxury and high quality instruments brings Breitling Company to the top of the world famous brands.

Huge demand on Breitling watches and chronographs from professional pilots, drivers, machinists and policemen defines functional design of Breitling watches and company slogan for ages – Instruments for professionals.

The most popular and even cult model of Breitling watches is Chronomat. It’s not surprising that this model embodies great experience of the company gained for years of cooperation with air forces. Fro m 1936 Breitling became official supplier of Royal Air Force of Great Britain. And from 1942 it became official supplier for USA Air Force also. Breitling watches on hands of pilots ticked seconds of “the battle for England” and American pilots watched on their Breitling clock-face in German sky.

The first automatic caliber with chronograph was constructed by cooperation of Breitling, Heuer, Hamilton and Dubois Depraz and they named it Chronomatic after one of the world best chronograph in the history of watches art – Breitling Chronomat.

Nowadays Breitling working hard to construct their own mechanism. And of course it will be not another simple chronograph but something new, modern and improved.

Leading role in producing watches for air, earth and sea brings Breitling to enter the world leaders of watch production companies with Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer and Cartier. Moreover the company gained this attitude without making cheap quartz models. Breitling will surely hold this position with their more than serious attention to quality – there are many legends about durability and reliability of Breitling watch cases and all their mechanism have certificates of chronometer COSC – for many decades even if they stop developing new models.

Top managers of Breitling gave some information about their new items on the last watch industry exhibition in Basel, Switzerland. Of course it would be new quality watches and chronograph with modern designs and amazing durability. Research and development department of Breitling continues to develop new mechanism and they are about to present some know-how. So we are intrigued and waiting for new high-class models and mechanisms of one of the world best company.

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