Bowtie Waist Belts: Favorites in This Season

Somebody says that the thing of apparel decides everything. But in my opinion, the small accessories are crucial to an ideal outfit. One of the best ways to enhance charm of any outfit is a belt. It can be used to hide a spare tire or to bright the dark color of your cloth. For this reason, it is necessary to spend some time on realizing the trend of belts and picking a fashionable belt. Although people wear belts not only on the waist, but also blew the bust line or around the hips, yet the most well-accepted is the waist belt.

Let’s have a look on newest trend of fashionable belt. In the fashion series of summer 2011 a fashinable girl will go out with a bowtie waist belt which is perfect to emphasize waist and make a humdrum dress more interesting. You can replenish pants, jeans and overalls as well.

This can’t-miss-bowtie waist belt can be small and exquisite or wide and vivacious. Materials also range from tender silk to leather. Leather belts or decorative belts scattered with crystals, precious stones, and silver sequins are the best ornamental for brighten sheath dress.

Depending on the kind of a belt you can make various loops, complex or plain ones.

Belt is a special accessory that can make a change on the whole look totally. According to your matching skills, it can be the central poin of the outfit or just a lovely detail that completes the appearence. By the way, it is a nice try to add bows on shoes, hadbags, watches and even diamonds. Just open your mind.

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