A Look at the Handbags Companies

In today’s world where fashion statements have become an important part of everyone’s life, handbags are one of the vital ingredients of the overall recipe. These once considered to be yet another burden to carry is now of critical importance to almost all the women. There are a number of different kinds of handbags available in the market. The types include Hobo Bags, Wedding Bags, Satchel Bags, Bucket Bags, Barrel Bags, Tote Bags etc. and these different variations are available in almost every price, quality, and are made by many different companies/designers. There is a whole wide world of designer brands out there, out of which a few really pop out of the page, among them Armani, Chloe, Prada, Hermes, Marc Jacobs and Fendi are top of the list!

Giorgio Armani or commonly known as Armani is an international Italian Fashion house, and along with many other products Armani produces a line of beautiful handbags under its accessories section. Being as one of the leading fashion houses in the world the prices are on the high side but nevertheless are of supreme quality and unique in design.

Chloé is a French Fashion house it gives our world a stunning line of genuine leather handbags, their style and designs are classy and mature, thus grabbing the mature customers out of the hands of their competitors.

Fendi is yet another Italian high Fashion house, and it is famous for its baguette handbags. As it was founded in 1925, so it holds a firm and strong place in the world of fashion and brands. Their handbags are of unique style and are distinguishable even from a distance thus creating an eye-catching status for itself.

Prada hand bags offer a huge verity of Italian fashion. You can easily find and buy beautiful authentic Prada handbags at company outlets, and you can also shop these bags online by placing order on their official website. You can enjoy your craze for Italian fashion by choosing parade bags among thousands of high quality and stylish bags and accessories according to new looks and trends from the newest collections of the most distinguished designers of Italy. These trendy and stylish bags are available with the best price you have ever seen.

In the race of fashion, Hermes also brings bags of unique and innovative styles. Hermes provides you options of high quality Hermes Birkin Togo leather bags, pearl vein bags, cattle skin vein bags, and Crocodile big vein bags, so you can buy these according to your choice and desire. You can buy these Hermes bags online by placing your orders.

Marc Jacobs also brings plenty of new dear-printed shoulder bags. Marc Jacobs’s bags are liked by many famous celebrities. They provide beautiful garnet bags and suede clutch, of 70s and ideas shapes. Marc Jacobs also design uniformly luxurious, functional and interesting men’s bags. The most famous hit of Marc is snake-embossed cross body satchel bag. You can buy these charming Marc bags online.

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